Nas Nasty Nas Freestyle, Part 1 Lyrics

I landscape madness on plantation
A brief notation, to link quotations
Manuscript of a crypt, transcripts a screen
I narrate the broke scream
You fiend like a dope fiend, 'cause I'm in between your
Blood stream and mean like Idi Amin
Pick up the feather and ink, I plan and think
'Cause my mentality can make man extinct
The drums attack me, drumsticks ask me
To direct my dialect, so it's exactly
Synchronized, I'm a open your eyes
And shake your eyelids so you're now surprised
Nasty Nas conducts a raw note
My vocal chords can repel a sore throat
My domain is like Dracula's castle
Rhyme's are psychic, brain cells I hassle
I provoke your instinct not to think
Enter your brain and drain, till your mind is blank
My microphone... is on
And that's my word is bond!

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