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You Me at Six Lyrics

You should of seen me last night,
Working the room had the cheats going tight.
I got a theory, all I need is one drink.
You've got your breathing all heavy and deep,
Gasping for air and down on your knees.
Your in love, but for only as long as you wanted.

You never wanted to miss a beat but

You're the best kept secret, rolling of my tongue,
Some say your as easy as they come,
And I say what a way for the ice to break,

Break down you've always been so proud
And just look at you now,
You're a bed smell in this room.
"I don't wanna, I don't wanna be bad news."
But you are, but you are.
I would walk through hell with a smile on my face.
Just so I could make my mark on the hottest place.

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