Sterling Simms Nasty As F#@k Lyrics

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She called me at a.m. didn’t know I’m staying
Baby, come over, stop playing.
I just turned off the weather before a few nights
I know what you like, so let’s get it right.
Imma put your name down at the front desk,
You know I’m about that sweet life,
When you get off that elevator, the exit to the resign.
Come on, hop the shower, ace of spades don’t use ice
Girl, you know what we about to do.

Imma put that shit all over your damn body,
Then I’m gonna lick it over you.
They gonna hear you screaming from the hotel lobby,
Imma beat that pussy chopped and screwed.
Hear what I said, lean on this bed
You know how we’re going, baby, we go to the moon
And baby you be my company, put you right on top of me,
I’m looking for you, ain’t nothing gonna stop me.

‘cause I’m nasty as fuck,
Nasty as fuck.
I’m nasty as fuck.

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