The Velvet Teen Naked Girl Lyrics

Plus, Minus, Equals (The Great Beast February and Comasynthesis) Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Naked Girl
  • 2 Counting Backwards
  • 3 Mother of Love
  • 4 Your Cell
  • 5 Super Me
  • 6 Never Happy
  • 7 Milo 7
  • 8 Penning the Penultimate
  • 9 Reverie to Chanticleer
  • Smile
    You will be my shield
    You'll be the only thing
    Anyone ever sees
    Crush me, break my will
    Cease the endless rats inside the walls
    That squeak and scratch away
    And keep me awake

    This is my vice that i will break
    This is my christ in arms today
    This is my golden chance
    To fight the odds that never seem to change
    Ne'er seem to change
    Ne'er seem to change


    Don't hurt me this time
    Be for real
    Or kindly let this
    Lonely soldier be
    My old friend disappear
    Leave me to regard the world
    In better ways
    Than what is wrong
    And what cannot be

    Don't say you'll change

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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