Avias My U.F.O S Lyrics

allow me to introduce, myself avias seay
the rap crusher, music lover, yep a certified g
grade a lyrics yep the rest of them is a c
a nigga always stay fly, the rest of them like a flea
a veteran in the game and a nigga just started
cause im killing all these rappers with a flow so retarded
dont believe me check my views on social networks they charted
leaving these niggaz scrunched up in the face like someone just farted
everytime i step on the scene these niggaz surround me
like im royal prize posession yo these niggaz should crown me
thugs listening to tracks when they used to just down me
hearing they voices in my head, "get that faggot from around me"
but the tables turned now, they see me as a challenge
they whole perspective on things now is just that talent is talent
i tell em that my bars are deeper some like valent and valent
lyri-cist skills higher than you under-graduates
and im on a different level, lyrics so international
im in everybodys hood come on now lets be rational
from polk county to orange county yo its beyond belief
they even got circulating in pittsburg with wiz khalifa
aint no need to try to prove it cause i know im the best
i got these rappers kinda paranoid, like kanye west
im that fear, when a bullet just hit you in the chest
im shooting through all these rappers grab a bulletproof vest
and of course i aint gotta say it yall know that i came from mars
a futuristic world with alien ufo flying cars
and my money so soft, so i only know go hard
i only see myself hawaii sending post cards
and i aint like these other niggaz cause i keep it so real
i dont have to rap about selling dope for a deal
and i dont have to curse a little bit better yet all
what other nigga you know doing clean rap make em fall
my city made up of nothing but a whole bunch of liars
i skip right pass these lame niggaz yo forget they show flyers
these niggaz get a grip of they self yo just like pliers
cause pretty soon theyll be singing my name, like church choirs
i just put that man above in everything that i do
who ever listening to this track yo im coming for you
7 days non stop they listening yo, im in they brain
then i popped up out ya television sets like the ring

big ups niggaz ya boy a fa sho! planet mars you nemrods! silly earthlings

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