Ya Boy My Neck My Back Lyrics

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Chorus:  ("My neck, My back.."
That's what the nigga said when we hit him wit da Mack.
"I thought we was cool, Why you do me like that?"
That's what he said when we ran up on him wit da Gat.
He was like "My neck, My back.."
That's what the nigga said right after he got jacked.
Never let 'em fight, we don't do it like that.
Boy, I'm from The Bay, all my goons got straps.).

Yaa, In the streets, shit aint cool..
My young niggas sneakin' handguns into school.
Fuck homework, shorty worried 'bout his tool.
And if he bust a head, he already know what to do.
The OG homies don't tell a nigga shit..
Mom smoked dope and she's sellin' all the shit.
Pops in the grave, older brotha's in jail.
Terminator's the governor, so he livin' in hell..
He seen his friend die and he still didn't tell.
He don't give a fuck about the grave or a sale.
Saved up his money and he bought a little scale.
In sixteen minutes he made his first crank sale.
Dropped out of school and learned how to stack mills.
Bought a new 4-5 and a blue Nextel.
Live by the gun and you die by the gun.
Ma young boy passed 'fore he turned twenty-one.


Yaa, In the streets, shit aint nice..
Youngin' in the hood with his thugs flippin' white.
Countin' money, fuckin' hoodrats, shootin' dice.
Sippin' on drank, eatin' Chinese Rice.
Everyday say he want to make it out the hood.
He wanna drive a Benz, party, and live good.
But everyday the same shit rollin' backwards..
Police come slammin' niggas on they own hoods.
Same old block, another nigga get shot.
He know he can't get rich, off of crank rock.
So he started rapping, he loved Tupac..
He sounded good, people started fellin' him a lot.
He started makin' money, and he made it out the streets.
The hood got jealous, everybody couldn't eat.
He gotta whole family that he gotta feed.
What should a nigga do when everybody wanna leech?


[Conversation from the end of the movie: "Boyz N The Hood"]

Doughboy:  Sup?
Tre':  Sup?
Doughboy:  I been up this early, long time.. 
Turned on the TV this morning..
They had this shit on about.. 
'Bout livin' in a..  
A violent world.. 
Showed all these foreign places..
Foreigners live and all..  
Started thinkin' man..
"Either they don't know..."
"Don't show..."
"Or don't care about what's goin' on in the hood."

[Music mixing into movie background and fading out].   
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