Lil’ O My Loved Ones Lyrics

Da Fat Rat Wit da Cheese Track Listing
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  • 19 Revenge
  • 20 My Loved Ones
  • f/ Billy Cook

    For everyone I ever hurt, for everyone
    That ever gave a damn about me
    This ones for you, I apologize

    (Billy Cook *singing in background*)

    [Lil' O - 2x]
    How could I be a fool - 3x
    My loved ones

    [Lil' O]
    You say I'd go to jail, knowing everyday's like this
    Asking why you a thug, you wasn't raised like this
    You always told me go to school, and behave your best
    Instead I broke your heart, sold dope and gave you stress
    But everytime I got caught up, you was there for me
    And everytime I went to jail, you shed tears for me
    I never told you that I loved you, and you dared to me
    Cause as a child I never knew, how much you cared for me
    Remember running from the laws, I had to swallow that crack
    And my heart stop beating, and my lungs collapsed
    The doctor told you come see me, cause he doubt I'll come back
    But you said you couldn't stand to see your son like that
    On life support and a coma, handcuffs on my feet
    So instead you sent my uncle to be checking on me
    How'd I make it, probably all the prayers to God on your knees
    And I apologize there for your grief, can you forgive me

    [Chorus - 2x]
    How could I be a fool
    Not knowing when I hurt myself, I also hurt you
    For that I was a bastard, I was selfish I was cruel
    I hope you can forgive me for the pain I put you though, my loved ones

    [Lil' O]
    My Auntie came to see her nephew
    She said I love you, but you know I gots to check you
    The way you act is a disgrace, and disrespectful
    But still you blood, so I pray the Lord protect you
    Cause I know that you done got yourself in drama, and you going to war
    Don't even lie to me, I seen the bullet holes in your car
    Your daddy told me, that he found a gat up under your drawer
    Know if you live by the gun, you gon die by the sword
    I know that sense a child, you not evil
    So what's this, that I'm hearing you done shot people
    Don't let society justify, we not equal
    Running round here like a demon, wondering God keep you
    Cause the route that you going down baby, if you keep this up
    The devil gon snatch your life, and come eat you up
    Fight the demons, don't let these streets sweep you up
    And cause of you getting sleep is rough, and that ain't fair

    [Chorus - 2x]

    [Lil' O]
    If you was still alive, I wonder what you'd say to me
    You'd probably slap my face, and tell me you ashamed of me
    How did your child become the beast, that I became to be
    But I ain't blaming you, the blame's on me
    Cause my mama always bust her ass, making sure that her kid's had
    But I always had to keep up with the latest new fad
    I had more than most kids, but I still wasn't glad
    And when I found out like dope, it's like my mind went bad
    It was the G's, the rush, my greed, my lust
    If you wouldn't get me something, I go get it like what
    A 15 year old boy, wanting money like a grown up
    Before I knew, I had the block sown up, I'm blowing up
    Having street fame, thinking this what life is about
    Bringing drama home, so daddy kicked me out of the house
    Because of you he asked me back, I told him no what to shout
    I'm having money, my own crib and I'm loving this route

    [Chorus - 2x]

    My loved ones, how could I be a fool - 20x

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