Stevie Stone My Life Lyrics

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As I travel this road and that this road
Unfolding its cold but I'm holy
Need a sacrifice you know, livin a life
To make the peep coly

Story of my life
My life

Yeah, I been writing this one for a year or two
Sitin here, smokin what know i been through
Rely on my dream, thoughts want to continue
To my loves one, I hope this one don’t offend you
As a kid momma taught me how to withstand the weather
Daddy said life will be trails at first it will make you better
Took it by money and woman, niggas is out to get me
Cost for detraction, the clipse and glam on my back are with me

Is what a crystal would see
A trapped in a hole, no turning around
Liftin my head above ground nigga
Its destine to be, I can fix the goal
Since I dot the one, who die within me, ridin me turning on the heat

Theres a fork in every road
North short cut, live up turn on stone
Envision it right, get prettyed right
I givin you the story my
Story of my

Story of my life
My life

Been ridin down this one way lately
I found myself in middle of g
I'm missin all my kids growing on grief day
Daddy's already doing this all for you
Cant justify my time for no money
Sacrifice was made, is true
But I want to let you know, I’ll never leave you lonely
When far out thousand miles away from you
Been long since the deal, body said she don't feel like
Found away for us to break through, tryna hold tears back

Pourin my heart out as I write
90 miles for hour thinkin as i travel through the night
Envision it right, get prettyed right
I givin you the story my
Story of my

Story of my life
My life

Story of my life!
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  • Written by: Bianca Dieandra Atterberry, Dean Beresford, Ervin Ward, Kimberly Michelle Pate, Robert Williams

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