Princess Superstar My Life Lyrics

Last of the Great 20th Century Composers Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro: Last of the Great 20th Century Composers
  • 2 Do It Like a Robot
  • 3 Meet You Halfway (Keep It on the Alright)
  • 4 I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime
  • 5 Come Up to My Room
  • 6 Kool Keith's Ass
  • 7 Bump Your Ass Off (feat. ChessTBunz, Slick Muffins & Brock)
  • 8 NYC Cunt
  • 9 Year Two Thousand
  • 10 Love/Hate to Be a Player
  • 11 Sex (I Like)
  • 12 Do It Like a Robot (Jon Spencer remix)
  • 13 My Life
  • [Hook]
    This is a story from my lifes
    See I wouldn't want to lie
    Getting on by with my lullaby
    And all a my friends getting high
    Mens holler holler hi all the time
    But I can't find no man to love me

    Sometimes I get up I'm down
    I feel deadened hurt headed I'm down so I sweat it
    Through my day this ain't the way chained to the desk
    Mess hurt wrists phone fits and post-its
    I heard it gonna change but see you in it hard to see
    The final minute when
    The world is yours all yours
    I'll get it I mean it
    And in the evenin, I'm alone
    Not by the phone but I'm alone yo
    Persevere all my fears try to weigh me down
    Look around my ceilin's peelin rap deal you feelin I ain't now
    Do it myself independent gotta try, no lie
    Ain't No Limit kid no Majors
    Gonna **** me up right
    I just want to sing a song about my life, my life

    [Repeat Hook]

    I'm sweet like nickel
    Candy debutante on the street what in heat
    Caught you haulin at me, mind stallin at me
    Need you workin for me, need you talkin to me
    Not something ****in on me, what!
    I'm patient like a doctor
    Got the stock of proper genius hottest Venus
    On top I'll stop your heart drop
    Your jaw right to your pe-better heed this
    Queen of Mt. Olympus can't resist the goddess honest
    The kind you never
    Always take home to your mamas
    Accomplish what no other can treat you like no other man
    Understand this mad mind body you ain't seen in a woman
    My mommy possessed this passed this on
    Dad made me strong played me mad songs growin up
    Told me I be the one well I want the one
    Levels deep and heart drum beat
    boom beat boom beat
    But complex properties of my mind keep em 10 steps behind
    Ttakin mad time to find a guy it ain't right
    Worthy of my lullaby it ain't right
    Try to keep this **** inside it ain't right it ain't right
    All night I can drive you wild
    The sex the intellect get respect **** the cheddar
    Better bet
    I'm the next to get mine find mine it's alright
    But sometimes it hurts my mind

    [Repeat Hook]

    Word to God
    I'll be the best girl you ever got, I'll keep it so hot
    I'll just never stop
    I got the plot locked, I got no guns cocked
    And if you with me let me hear you say Nana
    I'm sure that this is more than you can handle
    This example
    Coming from a girl placed high up on the mantle
    Hold a candle to it, sick of the predicament
    Tired of the bull thick headed
    Need a sedative to get at it, well I invented it
    My case in point I would anoint you my prince
    Love you head toe to fingerprints
    All benefits laugh and count all our kids,
    make all our bids
    Butterfly kiss with our lids
    Let's make it come all to this
    Gem at the precipice of the palace
    Drink from my chalice
    Never be jealous, no malice, I'll be your ballast
    When winds blow on I'll stand strong
    When winds blow on I'll stand strong

    Written by: Gary Skardina, Marti Sharron, Stephen Mitchell

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