Today Is the Day My Life With You Lyrics

Temple of the Morning Star Track Listing
  • 1 Temple of the Morning Star (acoustic)
  • 2 The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself
  • 3 Blindspot
  • 4 High as the Sky
  • 5 Miracle
  • 6 Kill Yourself
  • 7 Mankind
  • 8 Pinnacle
  • 9 Crutch
  • 10 Root of All Evil
  • 11 Satan Is Alive
  • 12 Rabid Lassie
  • 13 Friend for Life
  • 14 My Life With You
  • 15 I See You
  • 16 Hermaphrodite
  • 17 Temple of the Morning Star (electric)
  • You're not my friend I'm all out of money All you could spend My life with you
    You're makin me sick I can't hear that no more No one to talk to No one
    no more I'm leavin' today I won't be back I take what I want No slack I
    can't count on you Hopeless now you're gone and I'm sad and you're just a
    memory One that went bad I cannot hate you For what you ahve done I will
    just miss you And all of the fun Nothing is sacred

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