Fred Hammond My Lady and Myself Lyrics

God, Love & Romance Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Write Something for Us
  • 2 When I Come Home to You
  • 3 Jacob's Love
  • 4 I'm In Love With You
  • 5 How a Man Loves a Woman
  • 6 You Are My Love Come True
  • 7 The Proposal
  • 8 Love Will Find You
  • 9 Face It All
  • 10 Easier
  • 11 SOS 4:7/PROV 31:10-12
  • 12 You're So Beautiful
  • 13 Pulling Up At the Crib
  • 14 My Lady and Myself
  • 15 Give It Up for the Band
  • 16 My Love Is Real
  • 17 Radio Fred
  • 18 One More Try
    Digital Media 2
  • 1 Put On Your Good Shoes
  • 2 I Am Not Alone
  • 3 I See the Sunshine'n
  • 4 Better Love
  • 5 I Feel Good
  • 6 I Got a Good Woman
  • 7 Amazing Love
  • 8 Let's Take a Minute
  • 9 I Will Lift Him Up
  • 10 So You Just Gown Leave?
  • 11 You Never Turned
  • 12 Call On Him
  • 13 He Lives (Remix) [Live]
  • 14 You're Gonna Make It
  • 15 Love Song to The Lamb
  • 16 Girls Night Out / Out Take
  • We started out so deep in love, We knew it was from God above
    Two hearts as one, each other we adored
    Now bitter winds begin to blow, And blocks the warmth we used to know
    To hide the feelings that were there before
    Gone are the glad times, Smiles warm and tender
    If she'd look into me, I'm sure she'd remember
    That there's a loving Inside me worth saving
    So I stand praying for my lady and myself
    My lady, My Lady and myself
    This car's grown cold I'm sitting in, It's getting late I should go in
    But my hands and head still lay here on the wheel
    Two men exist inside of me, one say's stay and one say's leave
    Does anybody know just how I feel?
    Gone are the glad times, Smiles warm and tender
    If I could look deeper, I'm sure I'd remember
    That she's baby, I don't maybe
    So I stand praying for my lady and myself
    My baby, My baby and myself

    We've weathered storms before, Been through challenges galore
    Now we've become, Two instead of one
    But it breaks my heart when I, See tears fall from her eyes
    Lord will you help us, Cause I don't know what to do?

    I love her, (But I don't know what to do)

    I'm standing, Calling you, Calling you Lord, I'm calling you Lord
    As I stand Praying for my Lady and Myself

    I love her, (We won't make it without You)
    I'm standing, Calling you (The Cold winds have come to take Your love away)
    (But we're a family and I need to know, can I find the strength to hang on
    In there)
    (I hate to see her cry O' Lord, but it's been so long, where did we go wrong)
    (Please help us see, what we need to be to each other, to each other)
    She's my lady, She's my lady, She's my lady

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