Daiquiri My Idea of Fun Lyrics

Babies Making Babies Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Night Ruiner
  • 2 The Romance is Dead
  • 3 Falling Down Hurts
  • 4 Spader vs. Everyone Else Except Downey Jr.
  • 5 Life Ruiner
  • 6 My Idea of Fun
  • 7 We Are in Brandon Walsh
  • 8 Rejected by Science
  • 9 Leaver
  • 10 Faker
  • 11 A Little Glass
  • 12 Babies Making Babies
  • 13 [untitled]
  • My teeth are breakin I can't afford to fix them
    The nerves are stinging and it looks bad then
    They bustin to pieces and I spit em in the sink
    Exactly like an Anne Murray song about an ice rink
    My teeth are sharp but unlike a shark
    I sit on my couch and do nothing in the dark
    Shark's don't use floss with flippers too short
    Piranah's breed, please abort
    If there's a question there is an answer
    I don't know what it is when I see her, Alaska
    Trevor Shand he wrote some words for this beat an he sung them like
    This I turned them down flat
    Singin some bullshit about a cheerleader what do I care bout that?
    A shark and a tooth and a snowbird to spare
    Spread your tiny wings and fly away, dental care

    All this talk of underwater life it makes me think
    About what ahppens to the toothpaste I spit down the sink
    I have never considered myself no Jaques Cousteau
    Gums are healthy teeth are cracked where does the toothpaste go?

    Who's gonna hold my hand when I piss?
    Who's gonna put their hand in the stream?
    Who's gonna sweep up all the teeth?
    Dentist said my mouth was clean
    That was a real nice compliment
    As I gave him my last cent
    He don't know why they be breakin
    Glass of calcium I'm takin

    Teeth are breakin out
    Teeth fallin out on the floor I'm fukin spent
    Good thing I got stock in Polydent

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