Paul Gilbert My Drum Lyrics

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When I feel the aggravation
When I feel the old frustration
I go into my room and hit my drum
(Hit it!)

When I feel the time approaching
Deep inside a big explosion
I pick up my sticks and hit my drum
(Kick it!)

I don't need to tranquilizers
(No, oh yeah)
Or running down to Dr. Myzer's
(Yeah, oh no)
If I'm sick it's cause I missed my drum

When I lay me down to sleep
(Oh yeah, huh, come on)
There's one thing I wish to keep
(Oh yeah, huh, come on)
Keep within my reach
My set of drums

(Oh yeah, huh, come on)
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  • Written by: Alan Ralph Osmond, Merrill Davis Osmond, Wayne Osmond
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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