Sara Haze My Church of Memories Lyrics

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Here I stand on the corner of hope and despair
Where promises disappear like smoke in the thin air
Angels walk on crutches past people on their knees
Where salvation is nothing but just a distant dream

And I walk through a park of poisoned hungry veins
Passing a cathedral where a voice cries "Jesus Saves"
Where Father's eyes and alabies litter broken streets
Maybe when you're pour as dirt all you have are dreams

False hopes pour down like a hard November rain
But still the sun shines through when they sing

Salvation's only casualty is me
In my church of memories

Through the pain, pride and shame somehow love remains
Maybe souls are just like glass more beautiful when stained
A flower grows through a crack in the wall trying to reach the sun
A babies born and lives to learn that we can rise above

Suddenly salvation's all I see
In the church of memories

I'm down on my knees
Begging someone please
I'm down on my knees
In the church of memories

Here I stand on the corner of possibilities
With a coffee cup half filled up and a pocket full of dreams


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