Dolly Parton My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy Lyrics

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So far from my blue ridge mountain home
Oh the men I meet ain't warm and friendly like the one in old Virginy
No they ain't real like my blue ridge mountain boy

Oh I was just a little past eighteen when I came to New Orleans
I have never been beyond my home state line
There was a boy there he loved me dearly but I broke his heart severely
When I left my blue ridge mountain boy

Oh but life was dull in my hometown lights were out when the sun went down
And so I thought that city life was more my style just a little more my style
But nights get lonely away from home and it's easy to go wrong
The men ain't kind like my blue ridge mountain boy

And New Orleans held things in store things I've never bargained for
And every night a different man knocks on my door
Oh but late at night when all is still I can hear a whippoorwill
As I cry for my blue ridge mountain boy

Oh but I can't ever go back home cause the boy I loved is gone
I guess he got tired of waiting for me to return
They say he'd married last October but I never will get over
Oh the sweet love of my blue ridge mountain boy

Oh oh though I miss that blue ridge mountain boy
How I miss my blue ridge mountain boy

Written by: Dolly Parton
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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