Nawlage My Best Friend Lyrics

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Chasing my dream.
That you helped me achieve.
Cause your the one for me.
Chasing me dream.
That you helped me achieve.
Cause your the one for me.

[Verse 1:]
I thank god you were sent to me.
Physically & Mentally.
Our Relationship Ment To Be.
No Sympathy, I'm Simply.
Tryna Be Ya Bestfriend like Tiffany.
And you know that I'm a love you til my death day is sent to me.
As I write this believe my eyes are leaking.
Don't lable this a song my mind is speaking.
Hallucinating a hug.
But it's hard to reach it.
When I last felt that hug my heart was speachless.
And you really don't know me if you don't know who this song is for.
Shes my bestfriend only in a stronger form.
You being so far away it's hard to understand that I gotta play a part of ya name and be ya man.
Ya the reason I'm a good son, & a good father, good boyfriend, plus you make me look farther.
You really help defeat the wrong.
But theirs only one problem I ain't really got to meet ya mom.

Chasing my dream that you helped me acheieve. Cause your the one for me.
(Yes I love you always thinking of you I just wanna love you) [x2]

[Verse 2:]
I ain't like ya lover guy.
So when I say bestfriend I mean it girl I ain't like them other guys,
looks like u love this guy, u give me the butterflies, if I make sales towards you I'll let that butter fly.
Ya love for me yea it's one of a kind.
No need to cry && reminisce about our wonderful time.
And only time I will shine like the sun in the sky.
Must I remind that I promised you a 2K5.
Even thouqh the different blood in our veins.
I will love you like ya momma really cherish ya name.
I'm shattered with pain.
Cause it's just not the same cause I missed you like a person that just got no aim.
Now it's sunny when it's raining, you'll be rained my favorite, female soul.
I'll cherish you like gold, I'll never like let go instead I'll say let's go.
You ain't gotta worry ya love is my best goal.

[Chorus x4]

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