The Charlatans My Beautiful Friend Lyrics

Us and Us Only Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Forever
  • 2 Good Witch, Bad Witch 1
  • 3 Impossible
  • 4 The Blonde Waltz
  • 5 A House Is Not a Home
  • 6 Senses (Angel on My Shoulder)
  • 7 My Beautiful Friend
  • 8 I Don't Care Where You Live
  • 9 The Blind Stagger
  • 10 Good Witch, Bad Witch 2
  • 11 Watching You
  • 12 Your Precious Love
  • 13 Sleepy Little Sunshine Boy
  • 14 Good Witch, Bad Witch 3
  • My Beautiful Friend
    I will pay attention, don't say this is the end
    I find it hard to describe you
    To point and discover you
    Could I tell you once again

    Oh my beautiful friend
    Let me sleep and I will feed you when your hungry
    Forever live inside of me
    Through the holes in the pockets of my clothes
    High, as high as an angel
    I will stand there beside you
    Love is all we need

    Oh my beautiful friend
    Oh my beautiful friend

    I swear I adore you
    Ain't no woman deep enough
    I don't know how we made it this far dear
    Without losing at least an ear
    I could leave us, I could leave us a painting
    Our lives are-a-changing

    I couldn't and I wouldn't want to change you
    Don't you know it, I can save you
    I will do all of this on my very own
    My Beautiful Friend
    My beautiful Friend

    Do you ever get this feeling
    When it's hard to carry on

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