The Watchmen Must To Be Free Lyrics

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And I still can’t fade the pain
I thought I'd have the strength to look the other way
But the scent drew me insane

Left the mountain only yesterday
Still the mountain calls my name
If I find myself there on another day
Someone come drag me away

I just can’t to seem to get ready
Just can’t to seem to keep my hands steady
Oh man, what does it take

‘Cause I must to be free

I talked to Moses only yesterday
Said man how’d you part that sea
Sleight of hand, the holy land, and destiny
And then I set my people free

He knew how to get the thing started
Just went out, got the sea parted
Hey there man, you got some left for me

'Cause I must to be free
I must to be free
I must to be free
I must to be

Adam took a bite and got the thing started
King stood up and man he fought it
Jimi rocked hard, and then he sought it
His notes still shake the sea

All these men worked soul and bone
Just to give a child a home
Things are clear, and I think I finally see
It’s time to be free

I talked to one smart lady yesterday
Yeah, she means a lot to me
Honey, save your questions for another day
‘Cause the answer’s plain to see

Just go out and get the thing started
Lead your life where the heart is
Just go out, and be what you can be
Boy, it’s time to be free
It's time to be free
It's time to be free
It's time to be free

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  • 4 Sleep
  • 5 Must To Be Free
  • 6 Falling
  • 7 Mister
  • 8 Anything But That
  • 9 I'm Still Gone
  • 10 Soul Stealer
  • 11 Crazy Days
  • 12 Make You Go Down
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