Mystikal Murderer Lyrics

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[Chorus (Mystikal & Insane): repeat 2X]

[Insane] Guns murder *****s at night....
[Mystikal] Man, *****s even kill *****s at night
[Insane] Cops murder *****s at night...
[Mystikal] I'll be ****ed if I'm gonna let them *****es murder mine!!!

**********in murderer....shot my ****in brother
But when I find him, I'm gone GET THAT ************!
He playin the role of one them *****s that's always talkin noise
Runnin INSIDE, talkin that ****, front of his ****in boys
**** that, I'm lockin that bolt back
Loadin that gat, here that glock come, [gunshot]
Out'cha ****in' head... standin on the corner
I'm peepin on ya, so I CAN CREEP UP ON YA!!!!
Calmin my nerves, get rid of these punks and stick em in my mind
I'm gone do you in
I'm tellin ya ***** you gone have to get up quick
And hit the bricks before I do you in
Two of your boys spied me comin
Them coward-hearted *****s started runnin
But not you though, you gots to play the hard role
Stop playin it up like a bone, ***** I KNOW YOU ARE
Talkin head gonna put you on your deathbed
Just 'cause you got a gat, that's just why you actin brave
Got a gat I got a GLOCK, what'cha gone do?


Pull your shirt down *****
I know you got a gat, but I ain't scared bout that bullshit
It don't matter how many ****in guns you got
The only thing that MATTER, is a *****, to get the first shot
'cause if I peep, that *** is fallin to the street
***** retreat or that *** is deeeeeeead meat
Smack your teeth, but I'ma knock you off your ****in feet
They gone pick you up, piece-by-piece off that concrete street
When N.O. meet, who gives a **** about a poor neat scene?
We got beef, so I'ma shoot'cha like a FAKE *****
Let you know just who you ****in' with
But I ain't that type of *****
that's liable to shoot you over no DUMB ****!
If I'ma pop ya, I'ma pop ya for just cause
you talk too much **** PLUS, you popped one of my boys
Gankin *****s I'm gettin downright SCANDOLOUS!!!!
[gunfire] YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!!!
So when you're out *****, move or I won't step
'cause if I catch'cha I'ma drill ya in your ****in chest
I ain't gone gone ride by and pop, cause I might miss
I'ma walk up to your FACE, Pop POINT BLANK *****!!!
That's what you get, from out there tryin to go act bad
Not even BRUCE LEE, could whoop a bullet ***
Got'cha, come, get this *** whoopin
If you bringing them *****s with ya, that's nothin
I'm poppin' the clip in
***** fetcher, satisfied when you're on the stretcher
You might run but I'ma CATCH 'EM!!!!


(Yo ***** you caught that ***** yet?)
**** NO! I ain't caught that ***** yet
I done been through every scandalous sight, and every project
But I bet'cha, when I stop, runnin behind em
Get up, pack my **** and I'll STOP, and then I'll ****in find him
Yo dumb *** in the street
**** that ****, 'cause I'ma catch your *** this week
Monday, a one day when you go play [alot of gunfire], goes the A.K.
Sprayin on his *** like a roach, and if I approach, too late to duck hoe
Drop, run, fall, kick, scream, now curse
How in the **** you gone duck a twelve round burst?
Hammin at that *** on Tuesday, put up the nine
Go get the A.K.
***** if I catch you in the mall Wednesday
That's the day that *** fall
Then it might be Thursday, three round burst day
The day I'm blood thirsty
**** that, wait til FRIDAY, PAYDAY!!!!
Shoot'cha in your face and take your money, J
Now wait til the weekend, heh, yeah
Saturday, that's the day you go CREEPIN
But you better be watchin your back 'cause I'm sneakin [door noise]
Waitin for my chance to do your *** in
I don't give a **** if it's on Sunday
God gone have to forgive me, 'cause I'ma shoot'cha in your head *****


Written by: Delroy Foster, Omar Henry, Stephen Mcgregor
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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