Annihilator Murder Lyrics

Remains Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Murder
  • 2 Sexecution
  • 3 Dead Wrong
  • 4 Wind
  • 5 No Love
  • 6 It's You
  • 7 I Want
  • 8 Tricks & Traps
  • 9 Human Remains
  • 10 Never
  • 11 Reaction
  • 12 Bastiage
  • Six feet under
    No longer alive
    This is your destiny
    'Cause I have arrived
    I am not a nightmare
    I am disease
    And I'll bring society
    To it's knees

    Murder the world
    I was born to murder the world

    The fools and the innocent
    They're all the same
    To me, I thrive on
    Pleasure and pain
    It's not a war of attrition
    I never lose the games
    Feel the grand invasion
    Feasting in the veins
    I was born to murder the world
    Your strength devoured
    Just wither away
    'Til the final hour
    The battle is won
    March to the beat
    I am the plague, invincible
    That you can't defeat
    I was born to murder the world Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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