Paul Colman Mr Religion Lyrics

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Dear Mr Religion seems times are not so good
You say people ain't doing the things they know they should
Well Mr Religion people say that you had your go
And they're not believing not in the God you show

Dear Mr Religion you sing amazing grace
So please will you tell me what's that disapproving look upon your face
Do you love the sinner though you may not love the sin?
Are you part of the problem and the mess we're in

And don't you know people are the same wherever you go
And can't you see they're a lot like you and a lot like me
And it's only love only love
That changes hearts and changes minds
So please Mr Religion don't let them leave you behind

Dear Mr Religion can you rise the limbo bar?
'Cos I can't get under not the way things are
Well Mr Religion are you too quick to judge my sin
'Cause you still haven't asked me how I made the mess I'm in

It's only love it's only love
That changes hearts and changes minds
One Voice One Guitar Live in the USA (Official Bootleg) Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Life Is Where You Are
  • 2 All You Need
  • 3 Spending Time
  • 4 West
  • 5 Dear God
  • 6 No Problem
  • 7 Mr Religion
  • 8 Move On
  • 9 The Killing Tree
  • 10 Run
  • 11 Finish Line
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