Major Accident Mr. Nobody Lyrics

Massacred Melodies Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Schizophrenic
  • 2 (Standing on the) Sidelines
  • 3 Last Night
  • 4 Psycho
  • 5 People
  • 6 Terrorist Gang
  • 7 Warboots
  • 8 Mr. Nobody
  • 9 Self Appointed Hero
  • 10 That's You
  • 11 Brides of the Beast
  • 12 Classified Information
  • 13 Middle Class Entertainment
  • 14 Clockwork Toys

  • Violence creates violence
    So the media likes to say,
    Stuffed with their non-gratitude,
    They lock themselves away.
    Sit at home and watch TV,
    Safe in their private place.
    And all the time they're wondering,
    What's happened to the human race.

    Try and hide all of their fears
    Try and hide all of their tears
    Devastation's on the way,
    Small price for them to pay
    For living - in the world today

    Problems making problems,
    Their minds can't comprehend
    Don't trust Mr. Nobody
    Cos nobody's his friend
    Living in their own real world
    Where no one's on the take
    And people live in conflict,
    Too afraid to make mistakes

    Silence creates silence,
    So the people like to say
    Blame it on minorities,
    And lock the kids away
    Close down inner cities,
    On authorities command
    Man's attempt at solitude,
    Has played its final hand

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