Mystikal Mr. Hood Critic Lyrics

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I got that Boot Camp Clicc in this mutha****a tonight
Me & my ***** 'Cise....
We done hooked some smooth **** up for y'all...
And we bout to throw down in this *****, ya heard mes?

[First Verse [G-Quikk & Mystikal]:]

I had plenty of you *****s who that I couldn't, do it

Do what?

Grab the pen and the paper, put the fire to the blunt, time to get to it
Fuuuuuck how y'all *****s do it,
She quick to pursue it til' his pockets smell like body fluid,
Some *****s be walkin' up at the line,
Blow job then slob on my knob, ***** I been the ****

***** I BEEN THE ****!!!!!

Ain't nothin' you can do to me

What this mutha****a talkin' about ***** who me?

Yeah you, said who see?
I'm bout'z to make gash, drivin' 'em out quick fast,
Bout time your mutha****in' ***,
Put a ***** on the mutha****in' map with'cha ***** ***

Wit'cha ***** ***

Takin' how long?

How long it took?

It took a ***** thirteen mutha****in' years just to make a rap song.
But I'm on my winnings, in fact now *****s is jealous,
y'all *****s don't faze me,
Hoes gone...hate me,
Bust up and then I may get they lips bloody,
Your back nutty,
Aw, y'all *****s ain't ready for me,
But if you want me, who clamps?
I'm shell-bound, watch me throw down on my first go-round,
Here's our ****, properly did it and now you're evicted,
Now admit it, **** that yin-yang, you talkin' behind my back Mr. Hood Critics,
You're all on my **** hun,
Get one, lick one,
**** son, talk about me? Jealous man, you're done,
**** it, it's all good,
I'm not that *****, I'm not that *****, I'm not that ***** either, understood?

[Chorus [Mystikal & G-Quikk]]

You're all on my **** hun

Mr. Hood Critic

Get one

Only way to keep my mutha****in' name
Out your mutha****in' mouth
Is to keep your mutha****in' mouth SHUT!


[Second Verse [G-Quikk, Mystikal, & J-Dawg]:]

Roll like a tank,
Comin' cold like a shake,
Every move that I make,
Be smooth like a, snake,
I got what it takes to make your eyes burn,
Hooked up in the jazzy fifth, with the pee-wee sideburns,
I dress better than a drug dealer,
'cause when I jump shop I'm on my job *****,
20/20 couldn't see me

Who you?

Q to the you to the I to the K, K, I be......

Follow me now, open sesame,
You *****s ain't ready for the best of me,
I'm takin' you *****s nuts and givin' you *****es a hysterectomy,
I'm comin' up fast, runnin' in more ***,
Sharp as glass,
***** you might think this ***** be lickin' the ***** 'cause my tongue fast,
Hoe, but that's a no-no,
Oh, you mean you don't know?
Mr. Hood Critic told you what? I'm lickin' ***** on the down-low?
Now if I'd did it, I'd admit it and walk around proud,
But tellin' no fables, on this label, ***** eaters ain't allowed,
Now I be comin' around the mountain like "Oh Susanna"

***** where the **** you from?

New Orleans, Louisiana,
Home of the boot camp clicc,
And now it's time for rest of you mutha****as
to bow down and respect the South ****,
Get your mouth split,
That's what thing that you can do up with this chemistry,
The Boot Camp Clicc is droppin' bombs on the industry

You all on my ****, hun

Mr. Hood Critic, the only way to keep my mutha****in' name,
From out your mutha****in' mouth,
Is to keep your mutha****in' mouth SHUT!

G's oh, G-Quikk's a G so,
Want me to creep these hoes? I'ma keep these hoes,
On they tippy-tippy toes,
Shovin' that **** all in your daughter,
Called a *****, ****ed a *****,
Sucked a lil' ****


I'm not your everyday extraordinary busta,
Another soldier out that boot camp,
Bustin' you **** suckers

From walkin' round town tryin' to call Michelle,
Hit slow like **** you jump now *****

Ain't nothin' colder, ain't nothin' cooler...
Ooh! Don't let the smooth ice fool ya

'cause I ain't that type of ***** to get my...

*** kicked

Caught 'em talkin'

Cash hit


***** another smash hit

[Chorus (2x)]

Written by: Leroy Edwards, Michael Tyler, Ronald Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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