Jon Connor Mr. December 12th Lyrics

Call me old fashion but I still believe in snapping
Turn the booth to the bathroom, shitting on every beef fucker
Whoever said … I keep coming back every week
Killing them weak… I don’t just, punch lines
I’m moving they ass convincingly, officially, tell me who next
To get x professor X niggers can’t fuck with me mentally
My brain is hetero, heaven knows I have been through hell before
Y’all seeing a star without having to use a telescope
Hella dope, like I show my bare ass and they crash,
Somewhere drop on a crash course, with fame hope we got airbag
… told me kill them, I can’t let them live, I can’t accept it
But hopefully have the will to end it the movie…left there in the field
I don’t gotta do no extra shit, just let me shit, fuck the world with a heavy dick
Hot shit, fuck punch lines, this is the … pit
Fans love me cause I often, I drop shit
I take it personal when it seem we the lower the bus
So far that’s been…can make you a star
I know it ain’t nobody stopping me, but some of you nigger still acting
Like y’all don’t wanna acknowledge me like damn, how good you gotta be
Good thing I don’t give a fuck …to accept this
Just stay on my job and don’t need a reference
I’m just restless … push me to the point
That I’ma show off the work with a loaded weapon
Pistol to the … tempo ready to let go at any second
Go against me, it would not work
How can you say it’s not my time
When every week I’m on your last like clockwork
Timeless, they wonder if the clock work
Thought you was gonna do damage bringing that knife to this fight
But you got shot first, they keep trying to figure out what’s going on in his head
You niggers wrong and the song and the seconds
Gonna look like dawn of the dead
Fuckers don’t make it to killing charge the niggers an arm and a leg
To niggers that wanna see me eating out of … bread, fuck them
Feel like I’m robbing … while they think I’m digging my own grave
Till I hit they ass with a shovel,
I … to loose it, every track I black out like blowing fuses
My music hit them so hard I apologize for the bruises
I didn’t mean so hard, but you probably shouldn’t remain calm
Cause every line I drop is a napalm bomb
And I’ma make it so, any time somebody mention me
They gonna say he was one of the best in history, Connor.

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