Paul Colman Trio (PC3) Move One Lyrics

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It's time to move on she said
It's time to move on
I've been in this prison called yesterday
And it's time to move on

Paint a picture of a dying tree
But hide its withered arms in greenery
And place it in the garden called security
And you will see the lie that she's been living by

'Round and around and around we go
Fooling others but we always know

That time it won't wait 'til we're ready to say surrender
And there's no time like tonight to let it all go
So take all your pain and let it go

Do you want to know the truth? he said
Or are you happy with the lies?
'Cause I know a story sounds complete
Until you hear the other side

And I guess you know you've got the frame on me
And some would say that God won't let that be
But have they read the broken books of history?
And is there a guarantee that the truth will set me free?

Over and over and over again
The truth is forgotten like a summer romance

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