Fifteen Mount Shrink Wrap Lyrics

Lucky Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Family Values
  • 2 Lucky
  • 3 My Congressman
  • 4 I Am a Man
  • 5 Man Against Man
  • 6 Stolen Life
  • 7 Evolve
  • 8 Welcome to Berkeley
  • 9 Mount Shrink Wrap
  • 10 Land
  • 11 War on Drugs
  • 12 We Will Win
  • 13 Sinseriously
  • 14 Payback Is Beautiful
  • 15 When the Hell Is He Going to Shut the Fuck Up Already
  • I used to sell a lot of things, patches and sticker
    So I could buy guitar strings
    I used to buy a lot of things
    Cigarettes, and coffee and gasoline
    It kinda sucks when you're in a band
    You gotta pollute the air, just to travel across the land
    It just got me down
    I just get in the car and drive from town to town
    I tell people not to drive, but im just a clown
    Cuz I drive more than anyone Yeah,
    I just drive around
    Tell people to eat right and follow their heart.
    But you know I'm not very smart
    Cuz I get my dinner at the mini-mart
    I went to the demonstration to say no war for oil.
    And the cops sprayed mace in my face
    We go on tour in the summer, but the van's got a leak.
    We spray oil all over the place.
    I went to see Judi Bari talk about saving some redwood trees.
    And she sang some songs
    She didn't use no electricity
    She didn't have to press up no cds
    She didn't have to make no booklets or sleeves
    She didn't have to kill nothing to say her peace
    And it got me to thinking about
    How maybe I'm just too attached.
    To people talking about my latest record
    Selling shit and getting tax free cash
    And it got me to thinking about
    How I'mnot really living the life I'm talking about
    So I gave it up, and I left the city
    Got a place with a yard and I planted myself a garden
    I used to sell a lot of things
    Until I found out how many
    About 15,000 of each release
    That's roughly one mountain of shrink wrap
    I used to buy a lot of things
    But you know I'll just sit and watch my garden grow
    And when the summer time comes
    I'll just eat from my garden and live like a bum
    I'm gonna put some roots down
    And I'm gonna grow

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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