Darkbuster Motown Lyrics

22 Songs That You'll Never Want to Hear Again Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 That's Correct
  • 2 Nothing at All
  • 3 Lillith Fair
  • 4 Motown
  • 5 Amazing Royal Shit
  • 6 Hell on Wheels
  • 7 Jerk
  • 8 Bud
  • 9 Lenny's a Drunk
  • 10 Hometown Zero
  • 11 Miller
  • 12 Pub
  • 13 I Hate the Unseen
  • 14 You Jerk
  • 15 Happy Days
  • 16 Caught in a Trap
  • 17 Cheap Wine
  • 18 Pippi Longstocking (Is a Redheaded Bitch)
  • 19 FMGMS
  • 20 You Fucking Jerk
  • 21 Space Cowboy
  • 22 Irish
  • Be nice just like Smokey Robinson
    Fall like the tears of a clown
    Sometimes I wish I was in Detroit
    The home of Motown
    Singin under a streetlight
    Man I hear the coolest sounds
    I’m on a roof or under the boardwalk
    That’s where rock and roll was found

    Sam Cooke the sounds of a chain gang
    Marvin Gaye let’s get it on
    Odis Redding Wilson Pickett Y’all the list goes on
    Martha and the Vandellas
    The O’Jays got that cool rocking sound
    Hanging out at the Apollo Theater
    Gladys took a midnight train to Georgia
    And did Diana and the Supremes
    Do run, run, run around
    Wait up wait a minute Mr. Postman
    Won’t you check your bag for the letter you found

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