Babyland Motor.Tool.Appliance Lyrics

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We need an escape
Fixed upon some empty faith
Release into my veins
The change
Force it through my bleeding brain
Now I swallow a lie
Perception bent
I savor the time
I don't have to think
Just live
All I want is all it gives

God I wish that you could
Give me something
Something to make me feel like this
I know about the plan
Read the book
Think our thoughts
Fuck that shit
Please let me need you
Please let me find you
Please let me see you
Somehow I just can't believe you

Don't let me be wrong
This fight
It's hard to have the strength on my own
I'm losing my grip
This trip
Now I'm left on my own
Please answer me why
Why can't I live my life on my own?
Just answer me why
Can't I face my life on my own?

Motor. Tool. Appliance

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