Treble Charger Motor Control Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 [data track]
  • 2 Morale
  • 3 Even Grable
  • 4 Case In Fact
  • 5 Cleric's Hip
  • 6 Sick Friend Called
  • 7 Motor Control
  • 8 Slight
  • And everybody has a share, you know

    Didn't mean to be so down
    I only get this way when you're around

    I can't change my mind to suit things
    Can you understand this version?
    I will hold the phone for you
    There is always time to lose
    I'll decide the way to bring up
    Ask me what is left that's new

    Forget what you told me
    There's alot of things I don't believe

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