Papoose Motion Picture Lyrics

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(Car drives up, engine turns off)
"Yo Pap, yo son
What you doing out here this late, son?"
"Hey, nothing I came to the twenty-four-hour store and all that
Out here, f___ing playing dice with these n____s, man"
"Hey you know my style, man
I"m just making it rain in the golden lady
I'm about to take it in, man"
"Yeah, me too, man"
"Yeah, it"s like four in the morning, man
Take it in, dog"
"It"s four o"clock? Yeah I'll go get some rest"

[Verse 1]
Hey-yo, I left the corner four in the morning
Henny"d up, hit the crib, tumbled down the stairs
Pick me up
Overheard my own people planning to hit me up
And they ain"t even know I was listening, silly f___s
"Papoose be stunting; yo, son, tear his kidneys up
And clap him on the top of his head, that"s if he ducks"
I dug in my pockets so I could load the milli up
And all I felt was Phillies blunts, I"m p___y drunk
Body me, how can it be? We blood brothers
We hid behind the same cars when slugs hovering
We talked about the future and rising above hunger
But now you've got envisions of making this thug suffer
Thinking--what could"ve made him flip?
Is he a Blood, and he think I"m Crip?
Is he in love and I hit his chick?
No time to think; creep like a night burglar
"Cause for my life I'll incite murder, vice versa
I bust through the door ready to let my iron boom
I"mma turn this livin' room to the dyin' room
Turn the bathroom to the blastroom
Bedroom to the deadroom
Plain left 'em red, dead, doom

(Cell phone rings)
"Hey-yo, Pap, remember that kid you had beef with back in "94?"
"What about him?"
"Yeah, well, that coward n____ home now
And he talking reckless, n____"
"Meet me in town so I can kick it with you"
"No doubt"
"You know how it"s gonna go down"

[Verse 2]
Word in the ghetto, this kid I had drama with before
Insane tone, just came home, he want a war
That black on black crime is swine, truthfully
But if my brother try to do me, I have to empty five in his hoopty
Who plotting to shoot me? Gotta be loony trying to go against my
Block with a toolie, that"s like a ox to a Uzi
Found out where one of them live, so we hopped in the hoopty
Hit his crib, caught him in the bathroom, watching a movie
I asked a few questions; he tried to fool me
So I electrocuted him, I kicked the TV inside the Jacuzzi
Some naked cutie ran in the room screaming "Don"t shoot me!"
My bullets hit her dead in the cootie, came out her booty
I grab this chick named Rudi, put her to a doobie
And made her tell me where the rest of the crew be
Soon as we hit the other spot:
"Yo, park the car on the other block
Keep it running, cause if they see us coming, I"m dumming out"
"Shut the f___ up, I"m running the shots
In fact, Black, you'll take the Mac back and Clack, pass back
The other Glock;" hopped out of the car, gats c___ed, ready to rock
Pull right up on the side of us, an off-duty cop
I told him: "Let"s make a deal, split it partially
You don"t disrespect my rivalry, I won"t disconnect your arteries"
He poofed off and didn"t bother me, sort of heartened me
My n____s by the car with me, s_______ 'round with authority
b__ rushed our way in the door, wage of a war
Waving a four, "Y'all know what this is, stay on the floor!"
(Everybody lay down!)
I pick one of them up and put his face to the wall
Told him: "I want the guns, drugs, jewels papers and all," but he stall
He tried to lie and say some chick had it
Soon as he said his word is born, I gave him a miscarriage
Put the money in the big bag, and
I saw two of the dreads on the floor, chit-chatting and slick acting
I told them: "I'll pint if you flitch, f__got"
When Strong grabbed the big ratchet from Flip's jacket and s___ shattered
We walked out of the building, holding cases of loot
When we made it off the stoop, n____s was blazing off the roof
My man tumbled down the basement steps
Grabbed him by his shoulder, turned him over, looked in the face of death
He was shaking, stressed, trembling, sighing, and s___
I took the money out his pocket, no sense in dying with this
c___ the hammer on my iron and spit, heard everybody crying, "I"m hit!" (Your son hit, son)
My whole life relied on my clip
Ran out of bullets, n____s pullin' up behind me in whips
Bat me down, looked around, all my crimies was hit
To all the thugs still breathing, take a deep breath
He who live a street life shall die a street death
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