The Bacon Brothers Mother Fear Lyrics

Can't Complain Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Paris
  • 2 Grace
  • 3 Don't Leave the Love Lamp on for Me
  • 4 Mother Fear
  • 5 Sooner or Later
  • 6 Heart Half Full
  • 7 Can't Complain
  • 8 Light the Way
  • 9 Baby Steps
  • 10 I'm So Glad I'm Not Married
  • 11 Summer of Love (Woodstock '99)
  • 12 She Is the Heart
  • 13 Bus

  • "Kind of exploring the role that fear plays in my life. Thanks to Trav for the cool lick." KB

    She'll wake you in the morning
    As she fills your head at night
    She'll drop by, without warning
    Just when you thought you were doing all right

    You think she's far away in California
    But she has never been so near

    Mother fear

    She was there the day you turned your cheek
    She led you from the fight
    She was in your throat, when you couldn't speak
    She sings harmony tonight
    She knew just were you lived
    She brought the sedatives
    She brought the whiskey and the beer

    Mother fear, Mother fear, Mother fear

    That peaceful feeling's so deceiving
    You check the kids to see they're breathing

    And as you watch your house come tumbling down
    She stands beside you in the rubble
    She'll be the first to recognize the sound
    Of the bursting of the bubble

    And as you prance and pose
    In your new emperor's clothes
    She'll get the crowd to laugh and cheer
    And here she comes

    Mother fear, Mother fear
    Year after year after year

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