Three 6 Mafia Most Known Unknown Hits Lyrics

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The most known unknown the album, a lotta people question the t__le they wanna know what it means, Most Known Unknowns means that 3 6 mafia is known but at the same time they unknown, ya know what i'm sayin, n____s don't realize it, n____s in the streets realize it but the press and the industry don't realize, its cool, it is what it is I ain't gon talk ya head off imma drop these hits on ya play them classics:

where is the bud, where is the bud?
Slob on my k___ like corn on da cob?
Tear da club up, Tear da club up
Push em up tear it up, Push em up n____
Who Run it, who run it?
Playa why ya hatin, playa why ya hatin?
Sippin on some syrup, sip sippin on some sip
When I say weak a__ you say b____
Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel ya tongue ring
It's my baby mama yee naw I want child support
She's a two way freak, a two way freak
I say b____ get the f___ out my face
I'm ridin spinners, i'm ridin spinners and they don't stop
These b____es test my gangsta, these b____es test my gangsta
I'm from that Memphis Ten trick, who gives a what where ya from
We lookin fa them j-lo booties, big ol' a__ round and fat let me squeeze
That one hitta quitta, that one hitta quitta
Who u f___in with b____, who u f___in with b____?
SHUT THE f___ UP!!

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