David Crosby Morrison Lyrics

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Crosby, Pevar & Raymond
(released June 23, 1998) [Samson Music GC0145]

Morrison (4:45)
Words: David Crosby
Music: James Raymond

He was lost and I don’t think
he wanted it that way
like a gull blown inland
on a stormy day

Lost in round one
spitting out pieces of his teeth
lost in a Paris graveyard
carrying his own wreath

And I have seen that movie
and it wasn’t like that
he was mad and lonely
and blind as a bat

To the bridge
and the falling tree
Too deaf to hear his own song
You see

How does anyone get to there
We may never know
How they got that far
Or what made them go

But he had flown from his homeland
You could see him there
A gull circling
In the high desert air


And somehow I
Have to learn from this
`Cause I can hear him cry
And feel the hiss

Of the wind in his feathers
and the sand on his feet
As he dies in the desert
On that Paris street.

(Chorus out)

David Crosby: Lead Vocal
Jeff Pevar: Vocals, Electric Guitar
James Raymond: Vocals, Piano
Leland Sklar: Bass
Steve DiStanislao: Drums
Luis Conte: Percussion

© 1998 Stay Straight Music (BMI), Proudfoot Music (ASCAP)
Thanks to David L'Heureux for submitting Morrison Lyrics.

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