The Havoc More Than This Lyrics

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city of los angeles 2002
the scum fill the streets
and the punks are getting glued
one more empty day and one last fix
the disease is spreading
while the hookers turn their tricks

i know theres more than this
my life wont be wasted
theres more than this
an empty life an empty day
one more debt i have to pay
more than just come what may
more than just wasting away
theres got 2 be more
theres got 2 be more
theres got 2 be more
theres more than this

another homeless man
lays drunk in the streets
plastered everyday
plastered everyweek
and in an ally close by
another young girl is raped
her virginity is stolen
her purity dismayed

theres got be more
more than this
i know our lives here
arent even worth piss
theres gotta be more than this place
more than just a human race
gotta be more

Written by: Bryan Ferry

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