Dolly Parton More Than I Can Say Lyrics

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I know you're all I'll ever need in each and every way
You're both ends of the rainbow my colors and my pot of gold
I love you with a love untold more than I can say

You are the song of every bird you are the poet's every word
Every artist's picture every writer's play
You are the glow in every night you are the warmth in each sunrise
Makes no difference how I try it's more than I can say

And when I've needed you you've always been there for me
Been my friend and stood by me held me as you loved the world away
And when I've wanted you you have satisfied my needs fulfilled all my fantasies
I love you more and more each day more than I can say

Oh sometimes I watch you gently sleep listen as you softly breathe
Touch your skin and kiss you sweet love you all the way
I reach for you you come to me and love me into ecstasy
I will love you endlessly more than I can say

And when I've needed you...

Written by: Dolly Parton
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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