K’naan More Beautiful Than Silence Lyrics

Turn the light off
There's a light on in your heart
So let it be your guidance, guidance
Open your mouth if what you'd say
Could be more beautiful than silence, silence

OK, ain't it funny how the talkers always talking?
Never firing, but always say they cocking
And they're cocky until they in the parking lots
Suddenly they got Parkinson, they can hardly talk.
No karate buddy, no Pilates buddy
It's a new game, no Atari buddy!
Body chalk, well I'm used to bodies chopped
I've seen **** to give new meaning to the body shop
Look, I know you think I'm so righteous,
But mother ****er, I'm also into rifles
They try to tell these *****s I'm a baby in these diapers
I'm on my own ****, like this
I don't disseminate, I got my name in services
I don't discriminate, I got friends who are snipers
But some of them ended up being lifeless
Cause they kept silent, survivors.


I'm the quiet type, breathe and steady
Never small talk speak when necessary
In the streets, I see *****s chopped with machetes
My Jamaican girl say "talk to me baby!"
What's on your mind? can't say cemetery
Death do us part, memories, I marry
Got a library with no lies buried
And all the books look like they're made of strawberries.
It ain't easy being me
Cause my own fans can't relate to my streets
And my streets can't relate to dough in the yeast
But I'm beast, so I make bread on release.
I'm releasing my demons
Give the beat it's life like I gave a fetus semen
Feel the kick in your belly, that's freedom breathing
And don't say nothing, cause now we're dreaming!


Oh, oh, oh, oh, silence, silence
Oh, oh, oh, oh, silence, silence
Oh, oh, oh, oh, silence, silence
Oh, oh, oh, oh, silence, silence

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