One-21 Morality Lyrics

When the Dragon Is Finally Laid to Rest Track Listing
  • 1 Morality
  • 2 Venit, Victimarius Fuit, Vicit
  • 3 Break Down the Walls
  • 4 Going Home
  • 5 Dragon
  • 6 Ship Rocks Disaster
  • 7 Streets of Philadelphia
  • 8 Righteousness
  • 9 City Violence
  • 10 Hardcore
  • 11 Accident
  • 12 Been Selling Out
  • 13 Everybody Has It
  • 14 We Gotta Get Out of This Place
  • 15 [untitled]
  • we look so good we're strong enough to overcome any opposition
    knock us down we'll get back up
    but keep all your weaknessess a secret don't let us see them if you can
    If you fail then you're an outcast you don't get a second chance.
    Straight as an arrow, but headed straight for Hell
    workin' so hard to improve yourself
    what does it profit you if you set your goals to gain the whole world
    but lose your soul.
    Never shoot up never drink a drop
    well I'd hate to be there when your bubble's popped righteous acts
    like filthy rags wicked hearts to blood stained hands well
    I struggle with it too I want to earn my own way
    but there's nothing I can do I am saved in Jesus' name
    Maybe we can fool everybody they'll bever know that we're not perfect.
    Maybe we can fool ourselves is we're good then we can make it.
    Well can you live a perfect life
    how will you know what's right and wrong
    how can you cry "Morality" if you don't know the god who wrote the law?
    Not saved by words so that no man can boast
    Christ paid the price with his life on the cross.
    No man earns his way give your life to Christ today.
    Morality without Christ eventually ha its price.
    How good do I have to be to be good enough?
    No man is good not even one.

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