Treble Charger Morale Lyrics

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The morale is low, the weather's good
Thought it might be understood
Not alone, the rest is more or less the rest.

Would you be so kind, as you can be
Thought it start to bother me
And please don't stop, until I tell you somethin' else

*There's not a lot of time
And the feeling is slow
Will the hurt be generous,
Will it ever be known

The weather's bad, the room is cold
Lights are off in the house down the road
You pass the time, I'll try to stay the wait a long

Would it help to ask and be polite
If not in waitin' overnight
To be so bold I thought I'd tell you somethin' else

* repeat chorus

You can't stop me asking why
You can't help it if you tried
To try, and try, and try and try

I wondered out the back and held my ground (x 4)

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CD 1
  • 1 [data track]
  • 2 Morale
  • 3 Even Grable
  • 4 Case In Fact
  • 5 Cleric's Hip
  • 6 Sick Friend Called
  • 7 Motor Control
  • 8 Slight
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