The Silent Comedy Moonshine Lyrics

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"Oh Anna, 's there something you need?"
She answered, "The stuff's not cheap it's true…
But I like it!"

My spirits can drive you to drink
That Marshall, don't like what it makes you do
So I hide it!

Oh, in the dark of a backwoods night
I blend my mash 'till the mix is nice
Copper flash and a pilot fire
How the pressure's buildin'!

Up Black Mountain and back off the road
Shielded lanterns, their steps were so discreet
But I spied them!

12 gauge buckshot, smoke in a ring
Rusty padlocks, they guard my boilin' wheat
Quite nicely!

Oh, how flashes light the sky
Lead shot flies and their fumes ignite
Bracelets snap and their fists do fly
I feel them flat as they hit my sides
I see their shapes in the red firelight
But I can't stop or save it!

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Anna!

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