Training for Utopia Modus Operandi Lyrics

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I heard something, not long ago.
And now it echoes.
It bothers me.
It makes me sick.
It proves your filth. I know your secrets.
You aren't a model for a demon.
Mend your wounds.
Your lies are bleeding.
Convince someone else of your shoveled in confidence.
Buried away, but i know.
And if i had my way, a thousand eyes would witness.
You point your finger at me with one foot in your grave.

Training for Utopia / Zao Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Modus Operandi
  • 2 Skin Like Winter (feat. Maven from Training for Utopia)
  • 3 Police John, Police Red
  • 4 Walk on By, Walk on Me (The Pianist's Prophecy)
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