Chingy Mobb Wit Me Lyrics

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Uh uh uh uh..uh uh uh uh uh huh
That's right

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Who want to mob wit' me (I do derrty)
You want to mob wit' me (Yes I do derrty)
It's all you what you see (I know what)
Ain't no playin' in these streets

I'ma slide in and slide out her
Big work is what I hide in my house
For the hate ammunition make 'em hide out
Leave ya head like a highway wide out
Flat out once the cat out, gats out
Bring forearms and bats out, chainsaws to ax out
The blackout it's too white but need a black house
Got a rat spouse, who act out, overcracked out
Gotta access with the back out, on a back route
To send shots at that house
Rats snitch so I trap mouse
Need a hit big boss man Chingy who they ask bout
Up and on ya can is blast out
Smashed out
Eyes red once the hash out
Every check gotta get cashed out
Trips for my people on the first in
Bustin' in I'm the last out


The usual suspect but never seen
Like my paper foreever green wit a together team
Whatever seems leads to better cream
Better bring them Beredda things
Like it rain in the dark I wet a team
My level's mean instead of lean (lean)
Or here the face of this earth bout to let a stream
Last night I seen Jesus face the earth and shed a turr (tear)
Will I make it or be dead this yurr (year)
Nah I be glossin on them shiny feet like a pedicurr (cure)
Posted up in a tactic like metal gear
The rose petal's here (uh)
You from the concrete cracks never met a fear (urr)
Just a metaphor to better your head'll blurr
Instead of blurr let it clurr, how stress is and let it cure (urr)
Haters hate it, hurr slap you like hunters at a duur (eer)
This present year not for you peasants here (urr)
My message here is a must now that I address you queer (urr)


Once I weighed the beats
Behave the streets
Pave the week
With heat seven days a week
Plays in sheet
Grenade ya peeps invade ya cheats
*****es want to blood bath so I bathe the freaks
Save ya grief, yo make up, I made ya meat
You made the beef, I ate the beef
Knock out ya fronts ta where they have to tape ya teeth
Replace ya teeth
You too soft ain't no way that you can face the street
I lace the beat
Track runner feds can't trace my feet
Or replace my bars in a place wit' bars
Speedy racer won't cha race these cars
Make me large take charge and say we stars
Don't play we are make me war
Go crazy and blow up some ****
Rep yo hood 'cause you goin see me throw up some ****
Pull it out and slug up some ****
Tore up and spit clips to them peoples come in and show up wit ****


Uh huh that's just to let you know when you mob wit me
Don't ask no questions if you goin' roll, then roll
If you not goin' roll, then I'm goin' roll right over
Mobb wit me who
The west side goin' mob wit' me
The north side goin mob wit' me
The east side goin' mob wit' me
Down south goin' mob wit' me
Nationwide, worldwide
Mob wit ya boi Chingy
Ain't no playin' in the streets

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