Tech N9ne feat. Bakarii Mitchell Bade Lyrics

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Have you ever met a n____ who was pie sprung?
Theres alot of slinky n____s where I come from
Theres another missle catcher just like him
His name is Mitchell Bade, Mitchell Bade
What up mitch?
Is it an everyday thang for you to act just like a b____?
How does it FEEL, to have a n____ that will KILL yah,
for the foul s___ you spit?
Number one snitch
A b____ with a d___
I found the remedy for the enemy
Bust at the n____ like shootin at the Kennedy's
Cause Mitch Bade ain't really no friend of me!
To be exact
He's that n____ that talk,but he really can't back that s___ that he talk
So he gotta walk around with a gat
But a n____ like me, I'll knock him out with the force of a hurricane
The penalty for the path if you disrespect the game
Now what goes on inside the mind of a n____ like this?
The n____ p___ed
As I pumped off four rounds up in the trick he was with
But It ain't my fault you a little ole' b____
(Without yo click)
n____ run with a quickness
(Get away quick, but you bet not slip)
Better of with a Bianca then be stuck
(With a AK 47 on your lip)
Even if I'm lifted I can scope em' from a mile away
n____s fakin like intisapating they domes day
Camouflagin but I can see you actin like a b____
Which are the symptoms of a n____ named Mitch!
Have you ever met a n____ who was pie sprung?
There's alot of slinkin n____s where I come from
There's another missle catcher just like him
His name is Mitchell Bade (Mitch Bade) Mitchell Bade (Mitch Bade)
If a Mitch is yo mix, you best's ta check one
And get ret to go for milli, when the next one come
If a n____ got a foot off in his r_____
His name is Mitchell Bade (Mitch Bade) Mitchell Bade (Mitch Bade)
(Late night I got a page from Bianca)
She told me her man was trippen, so swoop her bout a block up
So I um, got prepared, My conscience told me grab the gat
But all I could think about, was hittin that kitty kat from the back
All about that hustle, but tonight I gosta kick it
Deep conversation,but it's her first time letting a n____ hit
But I'm not alone, It seems this n____ was on the phone
He heard the spot, the topic, whicked whicked, now it's on!
As I continue(continue) creepin(creepin) it's apparent
That I'm dealin with a Mitch Bade, I guess that's why he keeps on stareing
But I'm well equiped to handle a fleet, so n____ don't think I'm sleep
We can talk like men or we can get grim, and handle this s___ n'the streets
Don't ever trust no coch
Especially when, a n____ like me is rollin up your block
b____ Made n____ couldn't see that you was played
So we just changed your name
And Called you Mitch Bade (Mitch Bade)
Cruisin down the 'spect with five spliff's roll (roll)
Passenger seat (seat), Sunday the Hoe Stroll
Went to park with major loot
Dippen up on b____es, but the jealous Mitch is ready to shoot, peep
But it ain't complete, the day is foul without a big b___ and smile
I need a chick that's running wet like Fury of the Nile
b__ped into, stepped into, this chick that's thick and photo genic
In a minute, I'ma get up in it, with a jimmy to avoid that AIDS epedemic
Get it, got it, good in the hood, s___'s all good, so I knocked on wood
Got to her crib, drank some crown, laid me down, showed me the goods
Then, knock knock, who's that?
She said her man and he might be strapped with a gat
Put back on my s___, time to show this fool just where it's at
Ret to get wet, she opened it up enough so I could see
She cracked it a bit, but that n____ pushed her, then came after me
Extended arm, and bodily harm
He shoulda caught trigga, chiggas
MITCH BADE, b____ MADE n____S!!

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