Cancerslug Mistress Death Lyrics

Book of Rats Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Waist Deep in Blood
  • 2 Your Problems
  • 3 Demonic Angel
  • 4 I Love Pain
  • 5 In the Dumpster Behind the Clinic
  • 6 Hateseeker
  • 7 Within Her Skin
  • 8 Altar of Sacrifice
  • 9 Malevolence
  • 10 The Torture Throne
  • 11 Infernal Orgasmic
  • 12 Mistress Death
  • 13 Remains
  • 14 Straight Razor Rape
  • 15 Salvation
  • 16 The Enemy
  • 17 Rats in the Walls
  • 18 I Love Pain Two
  • 19 Demonic Angel Two
  • 20 Heartless
  • 21 Venus Die Trap
  • 22 My Lady Death
  • 23 All Yoou Need
  • 24 Born of Death
  • mistress death dont you leave me alone
    i am so sick of waiting
    wont you take me home
    i dont know what they are trying to prove
    but they have already shown me that i could be used
    mistress death dont you leave me this way
    i dont know what you want me to do or to say
    im sorry that i left you behind
    but you surely must know
    you were always on my mind
    mistress death please remember my name
    how i called to you in those nights filled with shame
    release me from lifes bitter grip
    and into that sweet slumber let the two of us slip
    mistress death you are a w____ sometimes
    why wont you stay out of my life
    please save me

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