Farmakon Mist Lyrics

A Warm Glimpse Track Listing
  • 1 Loosely of Amoebas
  • 2 My Sanctuary in Solitude
  • 3 Mist
  • 4 Stretching Into Me
  • 5 Same
  • 6 Flowgrasp
  • 7 Flavoured Numerology
  • 8 Pearl of My Suffering
  • 9 Wallgarden
  • Inpenetratable and cold
    I'm drawn into the gray
    And then only darkness

    I can hear the rain again
    And feel the fragrance of fall
    I can remember the summer no more
    Seems like it never was
    I try to run back where I came from
    But I fail
    The gate closes in front of me
    Now already earlier than yesterday

    Raging tempest has reached me
    I'm no longer safe
    The beauty I saw
    It can't hold me now
    The more I walk, the more I stray
    Long strides in the garden of a withering flower
    Trying becomes hard
    And hope unnecessary

    I'm willing to curse my past, curse my dream
    With which my demons now dance with me
    The one now taken away
    I'm led away
    Like blind

    The beauty I saw
    It can't fade forever
    I will take into me the cold kiss of reality
    I will find a way

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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