King’s X Mission Lyrics

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broken body its joints at war religious vipers sucking
royal blood the price is paid the final score the truth exists even through
pious mud who are these people behind the stained glass windows have they
forgotten just what they came here for was it salvation or "scared of hell" or
an assembly of a social get-together what's the mission of the preacher man?
some are true some do lie what's the mission of the preacher man yeah! yeah!
yeah! a threat of justice the lazy judge the governess teaches his son to scream
adopted child true path to trudge no minor plot to undermine his dream
(_preacher_: bless god! the more i think about it the more i think i was
preaching the truth i went down to the cadillac agency and one hour later i
drove out a new cadillac hallelujah say praise the lord bless god i'm gonna
drive that cadillac down here and get it dusty and dirty and use it for god
hallelujah! thank you jesus

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