Self Miracleworker Lyrics

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high above the ocean when you'll surface for breath

but she can't swim
she can break and she can bend
and we never saw her again
'cause she fucked with nature

she comes in dreams
she can terrorize the infrastructure
sewing the seams
like some dearly departed miracle worker

very good

she once had a boy who loved her in every way
he told his friends he scored and she beat him to death

she said, don't trust a worthless stranger
unashamed of what he's done
i'll learn the secret handshake
when all the decoding's done

he couldn't live in the tired shape he's in
and he never loved again
he came back to haunt her

now he comes in dreams
he can terrorize and spook and torture
apart at the seams
like some dearly departed miracle worker

Written by: Matt Mahaffey
Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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