Paul Kantner & Grace Slick Million Lyrics

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Hear the sound of a million people
Millions of children in motion
All of us waiting for the rain
To wash away the dust from our bodies
Can you dance, can you remember
How to dance and get along with all of us
For the rest of our life
And yet there were some of the men and ladies
Who remembered that in the beginning we were one
A body and one spirit in all of our bodies
Whoa... oh sanctuary
Come and sail with me ... revelation
Standing on the edge of civilization
Farewell to the good times behind you
Goodbye San Francisco Dream
Good morning San Francisco ladies
Good morning San Francisco crazies
Get it on, come along now
Just maybe one more chance
To get it on with all of us for all of our life
I bow down to San Francisco ladies
I bow down to M'San Francisco lady...
Gonna get along gonna getcha down
Get around down baby with you

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