Reality Check Midnight Confessions Lyrics

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pulling down strongholds labeled as
carnal desires
got me crazy crossin' up
my wires

got my feet dirty 'cause I'm splashin'
in the puddles
got me crazy no room for rebuttles
I let down my guard like Doug I got lazy
hazy vision blury in a hurry for immoral satisfaction
my heated passion desires I should put out the fires
that smolder in my mind time after
time, time after time
will you help me God to find my own way?

got me crazy tryin' to find my own way

actual facts keep the theories in tact
mental premonitions speaking flesh to rest
I will not go, I will not bow
shapes and silhouttes making things complex
unleashing chemicals give my body a sign
a loss of control leads to moral regret
seduction, reprocussion where I must defend
entering in the trinity within to fight sin

got me crazy tryin' to find my own way

inventive measures taken I feel my defenses breaking
independent of all wisdom secondary senses shaken
in time I arrive battered, beaten, and scared
sensitivity charred from character barred
so hard to say goodbye to yesterday's dreaming
still pullin' weeds from seeds of yesterday's schemin'
elusive representation of putting mercy to the test
confessed the midnight sessions of my desire suppressed
entangled similes I've been meaning to comprehend
conformed by the ways wearing dark shades
covering up my vulnerability
you can see I can see this lust it tempting me
to break the chains to avoid devestation
I pray for strength daily

Written by: C. Blaney, David J. Lichens, R. Robbins, R. Shuler, S. Jones, T. Collins

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