Barbara Mandrell Midnight Angel Lyrics

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(Verse One):
There's a place in every bar room
and a verse in every song
for a woman trapped and lonely
by a man that's done her wrong

Now I know it won't be easy
cause i'm not the easy kind
but i need someone to hold me
or i'm gonna loose my mind

Is there room for another Midnight Angel
are there words for another hurtin song
is there room for another midnight angel
if there is i'm betting (ooooooh)
I'll have my wings berfore the morning comes

(Verse 2):
Now I thought that neon nightmares
were like Sunday sermon scares
till I turn to face the man i loved
and found a pillow there

(Chorus) 1x fades/comesback/fades
Thanks to Jimmy Winkler for submitting Midnight Angel Lyrics.

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