Fifteen Middle Lyrics

Surprise! Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Middle
  • 2 Armed Gangs
  • 3 Whore
  • 4 Famous
  • 5 No
  • 6 Nancy's Song
  • 7 Circles
  • 8 Parking Lots
  • 9 Stolen Smiles
  • 10 Song #14
  • 11 Back
  • 12 My Friend II
  • 13 The End II
  • I lost my housing at the sweet young age of fourteen
    I heard a song on the radio, it was my dream
    I found the value of a song walking in the rain cold and alone with no place to go
    I found the value of a song singing to myself
    Just make it through the night, keep awake till the sunlight
    It don't matter who sold 6 million
    It don't matter who made 6 million
    What you call success I call excess
    What I'd call important is relevance
    I heard a song once it was by Husker Du
    They tried to sell their songs for a million dollars
    They probably never knew that they kept one scared kid alive
    They traded gold for what they had inside
    All my friends now now on TV
    All my friends now sold what they love for money
    All my friends now are bought and sold so easily
    All my friends now think they can afford not to be free

    Written by: Jeffrey Ott
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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